Virtual Education Links

Fresh assignments are coming home and you are having a hard time remembering 7th Grade math...  Here are some great resources online thant can help you help your child in the learning process.  Some helpful hints:

1. Slow down and be patient.

2. Take breaks periodically - this will be beneficial for you and your child.

3. So many resources! Find what you like and stick with it, you can otherwise get lost in the internet.

4. Read together - reading activates the imagination and incorporates critical thinking without "teaching".


A great site with scientific simulation!  Everything from biology to chemistry to physics, this a great way to science in action without test tube, live animals, or actual fire.


This site has videos, tools, and links to even more content. From Humanities to Math, this is a good place to start.

Facing History

Social studies, current events, deep dives into history - this site has a lot of good resources.  It is better suited for older students and parents/teachers.


Scholastic Books! This is a great site for all ages. Stories, videos and activities in English and Spanish.


Khan Academy is a great site even when you are not educating at home.  It has resources directed towards learners and parents.


Brainpop has videos, worksheets, games, and quizzes related to a variety of topics.  It is free (with registration) during the school closure.

BRainpop jr

Brainpop Jr. is for younger students - PreK-3rd grade.  Registration is required, but this is a fun site to play (and learn) in!


For the fans! A lot of math, character development, and some physical activities in the mix.  This is fun for Texans fans and good for everyone else!