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The Achievers Program is a youth development program that encourages interaction between youth and adult role models and the exploration of higher education and career options. Founded in 1971 at the Harlem New York Branch YMCA, this nationwide program fosters the academic, personal and career development of African-American and Latino youth enrolled in the 7th – 12th grades.

The Achievers Program has six goals and objectives:

  • To expose youth to diverse career options
  • To help youth develop a positive sense of self and build character
  • To raise the academic standards of youth
  • To provide youth with role models whose success and knowledge will inspire them to set and reach their goals
  • To create channels for continuing community involvement by business and industry
  • To recognize and promote excellence

The Achievers Program gives youth the chance to develop the career development and life-planning skills that are essential for future success, adults the opportunity to serve as role models for future leaders, and companies the opportunity to support urban youth and enhance their corporate image while investing in the youth of today and building tomorrow’s workforce.